Fast and Secure Web Hosting Services for Your Website
Fast and Secure Web Hosting Services for Your Website
Dec 2, 2023 4:47 PM

To achieve a successful and effective online business in this progressing era of digitalization, you must create a website for commercial purposes. To create a website and make your online presence presentable and professional, it is important to contact a professional fast and secure web hosting services provider. 

These service providers will guide you through the various fundamentals and methods to build a strong and boosted online profile. The digital presence of your brand will attract a large number of users to the website, resulting in enhanced business growth. 

Here in this blog will discuss the various types of fast and secure web hosting services that are largely beneficial to improving websites, making them optimized and easily accessible.
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Why Does Your Business Need Hosting? 

Web hosting is the main foundation or basis of an online platform or website. It is the primary element in creating a high-performing website. 

Web hosting enables a website to store all the files and data regarding the important and confidential information of the customers. Apart from providing storage facilities, it also provides access to the users to visit the necessary contents and articles that are available on the website. 

For enabling a website for easy navigation purposes, web hosting is the basis to make it optimized for both the website owners and users. It provides all the facilities to provide security and safety to the website by reducing any potential risks of data breach or hacking. 

Plans that are optimal for Web Hosting Services

There are several plans that are advantageous for business firms to get a fast and secure website. These plans provide ultimate services to improve the performance of the websites for progressed business growth. The following plans will be discussed below in detail. 

– Economy Cloud Hosting Plans

This plan is mainly used to optimize small or medium-scale businesses. This also has yearly and monthly subscriptions of Rs. 2888, which can be extended up to 3 years. This plan provides features including:

  • Control Panel for Web Hosting Managerial Processes.
  • Provide 3GB Storage space for the servers.
  • Ensures a bandwidth of approximately 30 GB. 
  • It provides 10 MySql Accounts for the website.
  • The website owners can get 1000 email accounts from this web hosting plan. 

– Deluxe Cloud Hosting Plans

This plan is mainly recommend for medium-sized to big businesses. This provides a yearly subscription of Rs.4820. If you want to opt for monthly subscriptions, then you have to pay Rs.402 per month. This is one of the best plans for affordable web hosting in Gurgaon, and it is opted by many large business firms in Gurgaon regions. It provides the following features          

Web Host Manager (Whm): Control Panel 

  • Disk Space: The plan provides 5 GB of storage for the website. 
  • Bandwidth: The provided bandwidth for the websites is 50 GB. 
  • MySql Account: The plan provides 15 Mysql accounts for the business owners.

– Ultimate Cloud Hosting Plans

This plan is suitable for optimizing big and reputed enterprises. This plan is a little expensive, and it has a yearly subscription of Rs.7500. And for 3 years, it is Rs.20000, which is slightly expensive for small or medium-scale businesses. The plan offers:

  • Web Host Manager (Whm): Control Panel 

  • Disk Space: The plan provides 9.8 GB of storage for the website. 
  • Bandwidth: The provided bandwidth for the websites is 19.5 GB. 
  • Free Security Socket Layer (SSL): Starter Cpanel Hosting Provides SSL of ₹1000 for the websites to improve their online presence. 

Which Hosting Works for Your Business? 

Different types of services of web hosting for business platforms are provided according to the needs and requirements of the clients. In this context, we will discuss 6 types of web hosting services.

Shared Hosting

Here, the client’s website and account will share resources with other hosting accounts on that particular server. It is considered an affordable web hosting service due to the sharing of resources on the accounts of that server. It is the best option recommend for small startups to boost their online presence.

Cloud Hosting

This service enables the distribution of resources across multiple servers, resulting in increased scalability and reliability. It enables the users to pay the providers for using the website for any personal or commercial purpose. This ensures the storage of data through processed computing techniques without any sort of direct involvement of management servers. 

Reseller Hosting

It allows access to individual entrepreneurs or any business firm to resell their website hosting services. This is generally done based on the ability to brand or customize the purchase hosting plans. Reselling of the hosting services enables the website owner to determine the ways of charging and providing support to the customer.  

Email Hosting

Here, the website owners rent out their official email servers to the users. This provides advantages to many reputed business firms due to the flexibility and potential of professional email services. This service generally takes place when incoming and outgoing emails are managed either by a dedicated or shared email server. 

Domain Registration

This allows the businesses to own a domain via registration from the domain name registrars. The end users select a domain registrar to provide the registration service processes, including the registration fees and other important documentation. 

This service prevents website crashes by sharing and transferring resources to the various servers that are present in the domain. Thereby, enabling the websites to give high performance and optimized functions.   

Get The Right Hosting! 

Many various kinds of businesses use these plans, and all of them are affordable for businesses of all sizes. Plans that provide company web hosting offer the necessary bandwidth and storage space together with appropriate optimization for commercial websites. The regular quantity of domains or extra domains makes the file sharing and transfer procedures more understandable, in addition to the sophisticated encryption cyber security measures.  

Since there are various web hosting service providers offering various plans, it is advise to look up and study the plans online before making a purchase. As a result, choosing the ideal web hosting package is somewhat stressful.    

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