How to transfer web hosting from one company to another?
How to transfer web hosting from one company to another?
Apr 2, 2023 8:15 AM

Web Hosting is one of the most popular online services for publishing content online. Business hosting or hosting business helps individuals and organizations to run up their businesses online. Paying for a specific hosting plan simplifies renting a physical server where you can store all the data and files of your website effortlessly. A web hosting service ensures that your website is running correctly on the web. Sometimes you consider changing a web hosting company to the other or may be upgrading a plan. Web hosting is of different types and it’s the user’s choice to go with the best suitable option that fulfils all the requirements of their website.

Different hosting types summarize under this menu and therefore you can choose the right hosting plan according to the needs of your business.

Although there are multiple options available in the market to choose from, if your host provides a panel that helps in managing the website singly, then it can be the best choice.

CPanel hosting is a beginner-friendly web hosting. It makes everything easier for the user as it provides an additional dashboard facility that is quite helpful in managing even the minute details of the website. Cpanel hosting makes everything easier for the user. This adds to better control over the platform. There is no need for extra knowledge if you have a Cpanel; it will cover everything for you.

Not only this, but the cPanel dashboard also supports multiple things such as – statistics, data, visibility, SEO features, tracking, and web files.

Transfer Web Hosting to a different option

Migrating your website or shifting your website to a different company is an easy task and there is not to worry about the process. You just have to go through the right process for completing this job and different types of hosting services have different methods for this purpose. The most basic step for web hosting transfer is to go with the manual process. And the other option is to request transfer assistance from the new web host to complete the process. This method is quite easier and we recommend going with this one as not much technical knowledge is required for this task. A web hosting company can also work on the transfer of your web host as this is also one of the biggest quality them.

Transferring web hosting to another server is an easier job. It can be a manual method or it can be a request-based method. In the case of the manual method, the backup of all the files must be downloaded and uploaded to a new server that points to the domain name of the server.

The alternative option is to take assistance from a new server for web hosting transfer and this is the most convenient method to choose as you can approach this method even if you have the less technical knowledge and this job doesn’t take more time so it is easier to go with this option.

Steps to transfer a web hosting company to another company

When you want to go with the manual method then you must have to follow these six steps for the successful transfer of your web hosting company from one to another.

  1. Purchase a new hosting service for your website.
  2. Take a backup of files.
  3. Download the database of your website.
  4. Import all the files and database of the website to a new hosting company.
  5. Connect your domain with the new server.
  6. Make sure to review the website before making it live for users.

If you don’t want to go with the above method for web host transfer, then you can use different plugins for this task. There are multiple plugins available for use but the best ones recommended are – All in one WP Migration and duplicator. You just have to follow some basic steps for going through this process.

  1. Open your web hosting service, and install a plugin into the dashboard of the hosting provider.
  2. Make sure to download a zip file by clicking Plugins -> Add new -> Upload plugin.
  3. Once the download is completed, search for the plugin from the dashboard and then install it.
  4. The next step is to activate the plugin once it is installed.
  5. Now move to packages in the plugin and click on create new.
  6. Name the plugin according to you and then click next and the duplicator will scan and look for issues.
  7. Once the scanning is completed click on build to create the package.
  8. Select the option of One-click download for getting a backup of the website in .zip and an installer.php file. This will allow you to upload the files to the new hosting account.
  9. Once the files are uploaded you will get a notification that your web hosting has transfer to a different provider.

These methods are really helpful when you want to change your web hosting to a different company and these are the basic methods for doing the job.

Web Hosting Service in India

There are several web hosting providers in India that provide different resources and features according to their plans. There are many options available that can make you confused in terms of choosing the best hosting service for your website in India. Multiple options for web hosting in Delhi are offered at competitive prices. You must look at different web hosting providers; compare their reliability, quality support, and speed you get for better administration of the site. Also, affordability is not to be missed parameter!

Choose the best hosting company with essential web hosting features, including top-notch security, type of backup, uptime, and scalability.

You can also use these services in any part of India.


Web hosting is a crucial activity for the effortless administration of your website over the web. The different web hosting services help to run all these activities. If you want to transfer your web host to a different one, this is going to be a simple job. You can go with the manual or automated request option as both methods are helpful in successfully transferring web hosts without much ado. All the services will remain the same, while only the host will get switched. Thus, some technical know-how of web hosting is quite helpful if you want to manage your website on the internet without any hassle.



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