The Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting
The Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting
Jan 24, 2024 11:50 AM

Managed WordPress hosting significantly improves your website or e-commerce. However, as a freelancer or agency, what are the things you need to be aware of for your business? What is your actual power requirement? We will get the jungle cleared for you.

Learn about managed WordPress hosting in this post, along with the benefits of using it for your WordPress projects.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting? 

A hosting package made especially for WordPress—managed WordPress hosting—offers a few features to help ease the burden of website maintenance. Managed WordPress hosting takes care of security, backups, upkeep, and performance enhancements for your WordPress website.

Why Use Managed WordPress Hosting: Learn All The Benefits!

One of the numerous advantages of your managed WordPress hosting is a streamlined control panel, though one of the most crucial. We’ll look at seven reasons why managed WordPress is the ideal choice for small business owners in this part.

Support From WordPress Experts

While most hosting companies provide help of some kind, you can be sure that the support staff of a managed WordPress provider is well-versed in WordPress. and are experts in it in addition to understanding it.

This implies that they will be able to distinguish between a server-level problem, a challenging theme, and a possible conflict between plugins. They will be fully aware of the configurations required for a WordPress website to function at its best. If you have any more inquiries about WordPress, they can provide you with reliable recommendations.

Automatic Updates

You should think about utilizing a managed WordPress hosting service if you’re the kind of person who always selects “remind me tomorrow” when your computer prompts you to upgrade your operating system. Automated WordPress system and plugin updates are included in the managed service. WordPress security breaches can be avoided by keeping your system and plugins updated.

High Performance

There are no WordPress-specific tools to improve the speed of the website on shared or DIY hosting. Rather, you must install and adjust the settings as necessary. The environment for WordPress is preconfigured on the best-managed WordPress hosting. 

This eliminates the need for you to invest additional effort in optimizing your website. The majority of managed hosting companies include services like server-level caching, which enhances website performance automatically.

Hi-End Security

Your WordPress website or online store’s security is crucial. Likewise, data security. To reduce your risk, your managed WordPress hosting should offer these features:

  • Integrated SSL: Any professional website must have SSL encryption. The hosting package should ideally contain the SSL certificates since it will require less work on your part.
  • Protection Against Malware And Hackers: Every WordPress website you have should function separately from other undertakings. This significantly reduces the possibility of an attack.
  • Extensions: Use the minimal number of plugins required. It makes sense to have critical features like cache and backups built right into the hosting. It reduces the potential attack surfaces.

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Budget-Friendly Option

The cost of downtime is well known. Every minute of outage costs the company’s data centers over $5,600. Although the effects of an unsteady website may be more difficult to quantify for small firms, they are nevertheless just as harmful. 

A slow website annoys visitors, detracts from your search engine ranking, and hinders sales. It is no longer possible to have a website at all. More than 85,000 new companies launched online last year, and this trend is not expected to stop. 

A website with skilled management, automatic updates, and a top-notch content delivery network (CDN) gives it a competitive edge. It offers a solid base upon which to construct an engaging and conversion-oriented digital experience. 

Staging Performance & Local Environments

The saying “never edit your production site” is probably familiar to you. You should constantly make minor adjustments to a staging environment. This will help you reduce the chance of a white screen of death.

You may be wondering what exactly a WordPress staging area is. Since it’s your website’s development environment replica, it’s an excellent way to test things out safely before releasing updates. Even if you don’t consider yourself a developer, it’s a terrific addition to any site owner’s workflow.

A staging site either comes within your plan or is available as an extra add-on from most managed WordPress providers. Usually, setting one up and making updates live just requires a few fast clicks, making it simple for anyone to maintain the security of their production site.

Less Latency

Based on the provider, the managed hosting companies will have servers located at different locations, either globally or inside a certain geographic area. Furthermore, this is a fantastic method of caching website material. For example, the browser does not have to retrieve material directly from your server when a user tries to visit your website. 

Alternatively, latency can be avoided by fetching and delivering the material from a nearby server cached within the managed hosting network.

Simple & Clean Hosting Dashboard 

Managed hosting dashboards usually heavily emphasize WordPress. Most dashboards highlight numerous settings that one must use on different platforms. 

As a result, your dashboard becomes cluttered with functionality you don’t require or can’t use. By concentrating on WordPress, you can see characteristics unique to your website, such as traffic numbers and performance problems.

Scalable in Nature

One of the most frequent challenges when launching a website is upgrading it to a better hosting environment. In these situations, moving the entire site to a new habitat will be a laborious and time-consuming procedure. 

Managed WordPress hosting provides an advantage in this situation. Since the site is very scalable, changing its features and plans only takes a few clicks.

Easy Access To Development Tools

Common developer tools are easily accessible from the hosting application with a managed WordPress server, whether you’re creating a new website or debugging an already existing one. While some utilize cPanel, others use their unique dashboards to enhance the UX and increase accessibility.

Curious about the sluggish error logs on the site? Not an issue. Is a manual cache flush required? Simple. Typically, a managed WordPress host gives you access to these capabilities and more.

They Take Care of Hosting So That You Can Emphasize On Business

Overall, the main advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that you can concentrate on what you truly enjoy doing because they will take care of everything for you. Managed providers exist solely to make hosting WordPress websites easier, freeing you to focus on developing your skills rather than learning how to operate servers.

In addition to all the advantages of the site, the extra workflow capabilities will improve team and client collaboration and boost overall business efficiency. You’ll receive far more value from a managed host, even though the price could be higher than what you’re used to paying for shared hosting.

Final Words

The good thing is that you have many options if you require a hosting package for your website. However, this may make the choice a little more difficult. Selecting the appropriate package for you and your website is as important as choosing the best provider.

Since 2010, managed WordPress hosting from DSS WebHost has assisted creatives in producing their best work. As the go-to partner for many designers, developers, and creative agencies, we happily assist you in streamlining your workflow, growing your company, and simplifying site administration. 

Get in contact to learn more about how DSS WebHost can benefit your company. We provide free and comprehensive sales consulting.

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