Caching and shared hosting
Caching and shared hosting
Feb 23, 2022 5:59 PM

What is shared hosting?

Caching and shared hosting | First things first, what is shared hosting anyway. As you all know, all the sites and resources on the web are saved on a server somewhere, which provides you that data when required. A server costs too much generally, plus its maintenance and upkeeping, that adds a hefty sum. So for new sites and small businesses, that amount is a pain, so providers also provide the option to host multiple sites on the same server. That way the cost of the running server is divided among all the site owners hence fewer charges per site. So that is the shared hosting right there. Top and Best Shared Hosting affordable Price in India

There are many control software which are used by server providers to let users control their site via web panel instead of logging through ssh each time and running commands for every small thing. 

Some software are:

  • CPanel
  • Direct Admin
  • Plesk

They provide a package of different features, which helps users to maintain their site, like file manager, DB manager, domain controller, etc.

So where does cache comes in this picture?

A cache is a temporary copy of the main files of the site which can be delivered directly to users, so avoiding all the latency to run the code, and queries and assemble data together for each web visitor.

What we are talking about is a global reverse proxy cache. So the process of making copies of any web page is done automatically. When the origin server (our server which contains our site) gets the visitor’s request to fetch a page, that request first goes to cache server near him and then if found, served from there and if not, goes to the origin and fetch from there and also populate cache server nearby.

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Let’s understand this from an example:

If we have a user which is physically present in Delhi, the request will first go to the cache server near Delhi and try to find the resource there, if found, the request is fulfilled from there. If the resource is not found there, the request is redirected to the origin server which may be in Mumbai, and fetched the request there and also populated the cache at the same time, the journey of fetching resources from origin takes more time and hence the first visitor will always face a delay. Upcoming visitors from nearby Delhi will get their request served from cache directly, that will make it faster.

The same goes for users situated in other locations like Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, etc.

So what do we need a cache with shared hosting?

Top Shared Hosting Provider, with all its benefits, also serves many sites at the same time, so that makes it a little slower than Dedicated or Virtual Private Servers (VPS). So the best option for them is to use caching with shared hosting that distributed the resources on many servers across the globe and hence won’t take up any of the origin server’s resources, thus making your site faster. Best Vps & Cpanel Hosting Provider with cheap price

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