Types of Web Hosting
Types of Web Hosting
Oct 11, 2022 11:24 PM

Web Hosting is an outstanding service that allows users to run a web page over the internet. Every website has a used server of its own. Every website needs a hosting service to make its service available on the internet.

Different Types of web Hosting

The requirements of every website are different. Users opt for suitable web hosting according to their needs to keep their site running. There are a total of 7 web hosting services commonly used for websites. All these web hostings have some differences concerning cost, capacity, speed of the server, and reliability.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is highly suited for beginners, as an individual user can host multiple websites on a single server. It means that many websites can be comfortably run on a single computer. There will be a specific limit of server resources for all the users.

It is the elemental and most economical hosting service for your needs. The rate is cheap, so there are limitations as well for Shared Hosting. There are advantages and disadvantages to using this service, and it is advisable to check your needs and proceed with the right choice.

Shared Hosting pros

  • It is the cheapest hosting service for beginners. The price range of shared hosting services lies between $2.99 – $9.99.
  • You can manage your website effortlessly with the cPanel program included with shared hosting.
  • It allows users to upgrade to a different hosting package.
  • It has excellent uptime, and it is easy to manage this hosting.

Shared Hosting Cons

  • The loading time can be slow for some servers.
  • With more traffic, the site gets affected and starts performing poorly than before.
  • It is hard to get high performance due to the lack of services available in Shared Hosting.

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VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting uses a parent server and provides the connection to multiple virtual servers. It is somewhat similar to Shared Hosting, but moreover, it furnishes increased memory, hard disc leeway, and a powerful processor.

  • VPS Hosting provides a dynamic hosting environment that contains partitioned system resources that are equally divided between each website. The server will be shared, but there’s high isolation between users. You can also get precise resources according to your needs.

VPS Hosting Pros

  • VPS hosting costs more than a shared hosting service; but it cheaper than the dedicated one. It provides additional resources for better control of websites.
  • The security options are better than the shared hosting service and are more scalable.
  • Its uptime speed is really more that gives a high performance of the websites.

VPS Hosting Cons

  • There is a limit set in VPS hosting, so if you reach the maximum, the only option is to upgrade the existing plans.
  • A managed VPS Hosting service seems more expensive than unmanaged VPS Hosting.

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WordPress Hosting

Web hosting services that offer WordPress hosting are highly preferred because it is the most popular CMS. Have WordPress as your host to make managing your websites a breeze. It provides a wide range of services to help reach great heights.

WordPress Hosting Pros

  • WordPress allows multiple pre-installed plugins and a wide range of themes, with easy setup and installation.
  • As WordPress provides all-time support and provides up to date services with optimum performance.
  • The security features of WordPress are in their best position to protect your websites and also impart expert support.

WordPress Hosting Cons

  • The pricing of WordPress hosting is comparatively higher as it provides more services and better security.
  • Customization of websites is limited to some extent.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is something different from all other hosting types. It provides a virtual server to host your websites. It helps in hosting multiple websites on a single physical server. It can be cheap or expensive that rests on the server you are using for your websites.

Cloud Hosting Pros

  • This hosting choice is the best for businesses that follow new trends. It is highly flexible for users who have a variety of their websites.
  • As the cloud is a virtual hosting space, it is easily accessible with newer technologies.

Cloud Hosting Cons

  • Cloud hosting altogether depends on proper internet connections. So, the uptime is not really good for websites.
  • There might be some speed issues if there is any issue with the internet connection.
  • Cloud hosting services are steep because some servers charge a lot for the support.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting uses a dedicated server that provides some exclusive resources only for a single user. It is highly beneficial for WordPress websites that have a massive target audience. Dedicated Hosting plans are available at very affordable rates, making them a brilliant choice.

Dedicated Hosting Pros

  • As it is a dedicated hosting service, it is considered the most reliable platform that provides services to your websites.
  • Dedicated hosting services are much safer and more secure than other hosting services.
  • There is complete control of your server as they provide full support and allows you to customise everything on your own according to the requirements of the websites.

Dedicated Hosting Cons

  • Due to higher security, it is a little bit more expensive than other hosting services.
  • This hosting service is technically more advanced for usage. Keeping a track of future updates within the server is also vital for the user.

Reseller Hosting

It’s a hosting service for resellers that lets them offer services to customers, resulting in a substantial profit. You can add a specific range of customers according to the type of plan you are using. It is highly recommended for business growth.

Reseller Hosting Pros

  • When you go with reseller hosting, you get access to the cPanel that helps with easy management of your reseller account.
  • Reseller Hosting provides a wide range of services at a very affordable price that attracts resellers.
  • It has additional features that let the resellers build a brand perfectly.

Reseller Hosting Cons

  • If you choose reseller hosting for your website, then you have to spend a lot of time managing it and making it perfect for users.
  • With reseller hosting, there is always limited access to the server.

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Which is the best for you?

Choosing the most suitable hosting service for you is a difficult task. But you have to go with such an option that meets your requirements. Although each hosting service has its advantages, it’s hard to say which is the best.

  1. Try a shared hosting service if your budget is low.
  2. You should consider VPS hosting if you want a highly customizable website with many features.
  3. Dedicated hosting is right for you if you want to go with a single website.

Select the appropriate type of hosting according to the needs of your website. The desired hosting should offer the best assistance to your website.


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